Risk Ladder

Risk Ladder is a centralized web based risk management tool, that supports end to end risk management within an organization. It helps in execution of risk management process for each organizational unit, while the management can assess risk profile at the business unit and at aggregate organizational level. Risk Ladder also helps executive management break free from the hassle of managing, maintaining and tracking risks using spreadsheets. Apart from risk management it has whole lot of features that aid in optimizing business value.

Why Risk Ladder ?

Centralized Web Based - Ease of accessibility

Drives Operational Efficiency in Risk Management Process

Drives Ownership and Accountability

Maintain Uniformity in Risk Management Process

Executive Dashboards With Complete Insights

Aids Communication and Collaboration

Aids Build Confidence Across Diverse Stakeholders

Highly Cost Effective Solution

Simplistic and Clutter Free User Interface

Technology Stack

Risk Ladder - underlying technology


Build on robust, secure & scalable microsoft technology stack of Asp.net & SQL.


Can be hosted inhouse or in the cloud based on the needs of the organization.

Deployment Licensing

Does not need any additional licensing for deployment.

Licensing and Customization

Risk Ladder Licensing and Customization of the tool.

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