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Software Project Management & Business Analysis Consultancy

We offer end to end Software Project Management and Business Analysis Consultancy services for new as well as on going projects.

Customized Software Development

We offer customized application / web portals / solutions development, application integration, business process automation services.

Data Services

We offer data management services, company profile/report creation and customized financial analysis services.

Software Project Management Consultancy

HSAPC Enterprises offers software project management consultancy services to implement software project management processes, practices and framework in order to maximise on the Projects ROI and the benefits from implementation of the projects. HSAPC Enterprises can tailor the consultancy services in order to meet the customer’s needs. We have exposure in working with in-house teams and setting up processes and frameworks to meet the software project objectives as well as meeting the strategic needs for which the projects have been initiated by the enterprise.

Software Project Business Analysis Consultancy

HSAPC Enterprises provides the complete guidance to its customers in order to do effective business analysis and requirements documentation. HSAPC Enterprises approach towards Software Project Business Analysis for end customers is as follows -

Ensuring strategic objectives set for project implementation are meet

Identifying Stakeholders and their involvement and communication with all the stakeholders

Current State and Future state analysis with respect Project Implementation

Documentation of the business requirements (BRD, Use Cases etc.)

Test cases management from definition till execution

Implementing effective change management process and framework

Customized Software Development

HSAPC delivers on Customized software development right from the project conceptualisation to it's design, development, implementation, operational stabilisation and maintenance. We strive for the standard/agile methods for the development based on the needs of the customer and maintain rigorous process based approach towards delivery of the end product. HSAPC Enterprises delivers Customized software development under the broad categories –

Customized Software / Web Portals Development

Customized Applications are needed when an enterprise wants to have its own software based on its specific needs. Although numerous Commercial Off The Software’s (COTS) are available, however there are limitations which make it difficult to implement such software’s. The enterprise can get the Customized software development done wherein such applications might be either client server applications i.e. thick client or web based applications i.e. thin client. There are numerous factors that need to be considered while defining the Technology Architecture of a Customized application. At HSAPC Enterprises we can assist in defining the technology stack based on various aspects of the project and business requirements and finally the design and development of the application.
Customized Web Portals are generally used either for internal needs or for end customers for data dissemination or as revenue generation products. Web portals used for internal enterprise users could be part of business processes as well, wherein they are designed for execution of day to day business activities. HSAPC enterprises can assist in designing and developing of such web portals based on the specific needs of the enterprise.

Application Integration Services

An Enterprise might have multiple applications wherein they work in isolation and are not integrated with each other. Apart from this an enterprise might require application integration with external client, vendors and other stakeholders. Application Integration can bring in great benefits for an enterprise viz. improvising efficiency, reducing turnaround time, improving data integrity, improving process and data quality, optimum utilisation of resource etc. Application integration project requires complete coordination between all the impacted stakeholders and is critical in order to make sure that business process as whole does not get impacted. There are numerous factors that need to be considered in application integration projects. HSAPC Enterprises offers Customized Application Integration Services based on the specific needs of the enterprise.

Business Process Automation Services

Business Process Automation has become the need of time. An Enterprise needs to automate business processes in order to stay competitive, have better operating efficiency and quality of products and services and finally serve the customer to his expectations. For enterprises in certain industry it becomes strategic to make sure Business Process Automation is implemented. Business Process Automation solutions can be implemented for the single process in isolation or it could be part of multiple processes interlinked between each other. It is always a better idea to automate the business processes end to end in order to realise the complete benefits of the business process automation. HSAPC Enterprises can assist in not only identifying the processes that can be automated but also implement automation solutions. We target to make sure that ROI on such projects is higher in order to make the automation successful.

Data Services

HSAPC Enterprises offers Data Management Services as below

Data Management - Defining data structure, meta data, data cleansing, data audit

Data Processing - Data capturing using normalisation methods in order to make data usable and consistent

Data Consolidation - Data consolidation from different sources and systems

Data Traceability - Data Mapping and correlation between internal systems

Company Profile / Report Creation

Customized Financial Analysis

Value Proposition

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